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Pictures from Almhaug   31 January 2004


More snow than last year, but this is the way we like it for a "real" winter.

Keep the fire burning, it keeps us warm.

Gunvor with the dog (it's behind the snow...) ready for a walk in the nice sunshine.

The cable is connected to the car (to the left of the picture) so the heater can be turned on to make it confortably warm in case we want to go for a drive.

Do you see the edge of the snow? Less snow close to the house on the eastern side caused by the the wind. It was not very windy on this particular day.

Even if we walk for a distance we can see our house, the second from the left.

Just wanted to add this even if it was taken the day after (1.Feb). Gunvor took the picture when I came home from a few hours of cross country skiing.

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