NK Moller's Photo Albums

Almhaug in January 2006


Tuesday 24 January 2006

These are some pictures taken at Stange after coming home from work in the dark winter evening.

I am driving the pick-up this week. The statiowagon is covered with snow.

Artificial light in winter darkness creates pictures with nice contrasts.

I had to move the snow to get behind the garage and woodshed.

I also had to move the snow to feed the birds.

Light from the window on the dog fence that I forgot to put away before the snow came.


Wednesday 25 January

Working from home this day. The weather was nice so I took some pictures to show you what it looks like in daylight.

In front of the house. You see the dog fence from last night's picture.

The pich-up is ready for a drive to the local grocery store and the post office.

The camping trailers are parked for the winter.

One large and one small camping trailer.

The eastern side of the house looking soutwards.

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