NK Moller's Photo Albums

Rykkinn in January 2006

These pictures are from Rykkinn west of Oslo where we have an appartement. Gunvor's daughter Julie lives here and we stay here some days most weeks. Pictures were taken Saturday 21st January 2006 after some days of snowy weather.


The front of the appartemet building. Our appartement is second from top and second from right. Car parking underneath the appartements.

A short walk from the car park up to the entrance side of the building.

Looking back we also see the next appartement building (left) and some other houses.

Our service man is moving the snow.

The entrance side of the building.

Entrance to six appartements.

Seen from this side we live on the ground floor behind the fence.

Looking over the fence into our kitchen.

From the kitchen window and out.

Waiting for the spring...

From the living room window on the front side looking south.

Inside Gunvor is preparing food ...

... while Julie and Bryndis (the dog) have occupied the sofa.

May 2009