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Lutefisk Party at Rykkinn 17 Dec 2005

Gunvor has her birthday the 18th December and her daughter Julie on the 12th. This year (2005) the traditional Combined Birthday and Pre Christmas Lutefisk Party was held on Saturday the 17th. Unfortunately I used a pre programmed setup of my camera that is called "Party/Indoor" that I had not used before. I will never use it again because almost all the pictures taken turned out to be hopelessly messy due to too long exposure time. So I present here three pictures from the living room before the guests arrived, a collage of the four least unsuccessful photos to at least give an impression of what it was like, and finally the only picture with persons in it that turned out well because both the object and the photographer managed to stand sufficiently still and steady.


The living room towards the terrace.

Looking the other way.

Gunvor makes nice Christmas decorations.

Some pictures from the party. We see Gunvor's mother May, aunt Elsa and uncle Oddvar, sister Maianne and brother Runar, son Christen and daughter Julie. Also Runar's two sons Christian Magnus and Ole Jæger.

Gunvor bringing coffee to the guests. Her son Christen behind to the left and brother Runar in the sofa to the right.

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