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NK Moller's Photo Albums

27 December 2005 - My mother's birthday

My mother, Randi Møller, was 83 years of age at the 27th December.


While eating breakfast she got a telephone call from her brother Erling living in Austria. She also opened the gift from my brother Arne and his family, a bottle of the special Norwegian liquor Akevitt (Aquavit).

Evening Birthday Party at my brother's home.

Mother and father at the dinner table.

My brother Bernt serving dinner.

After dinner the main person is waiting for the coffee and cakes.

Cousin Mette, her husband Helge, and Gunvor.

Mother and father.

Cousin Mette and husband Helge.

Also present were brother Bernt's three sons, oldest Tor Einar, second oldest Martin, and the youngest one Eivind.

The party continues in the living room where the Christmas tree goes to the ceiling. As this photo is taken without a flash colours differs from the other pictures.

Gunvor and Bernt's wife Elin with Bryndis (the dog) in the middle.

Helge and Bernt.

The youngsters gathered downstairs to view a DVD film on Tor Einar's computer screen.
The three boys with Mette's and Helge's two daughters.

Gunvor and myself.

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