NK Moller's Photo Albums

Camping at Skallevold July 2003

Skallevold Camping is located between the cities of Tønsberg and Åsgårdstrand west of the Oslo Fjord. We visited this site three times in 2003 and liked it so much that we rented a full season space for our camping trailer the year after. Here are some pictures from two of the visites.


Lined up to leave Almhaug Saturday 5th of July.

Ready for departure.

A nice place under the trees.

From another angle.


Later in July we found a place next to the house facing east towards the road and the beach area.

These pictures are taken Sunday 20th July.

Seen from the local road. Gunvor sitting in the corner back there.

Seen from the entrance. We had to go around the building to get in and out of the site.

May 2009