NK Moller's Photo Albums

Family Gathering at the Stanton's home in Lakeville


Terry, Bill (behind Terry), Carl (behind Bob), Bob, Jean, Elaine, Lorraine, Gunvor, Jeannie (behind Howard), Howard, Mavis and Roger.

Terry, Bob, Jean and others...

Terry and Bob

Bill and Carl

Jeannie, Elaine, Jean, Mavis, Gunvor, Lorraine.

Jean and Gunvor

Elaine, Jean, Mavis and Gunvor.

Getting something to eat...

...and eating. Bill, Carl, Mavis and Elaine.

Sisters Elaine, Mavis and Jean.

Elaine, Mavis, Gunvor and Jean.

Lori, Jeannie, Gunvor and Marge to walk the dog Lucky.

May 2009