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The Seattle Space Needle

Everyone visiting Seattle should also visit the Space Needle.


The Space Needle seen from our hotel window at the Downtown Holiday Inn Express. At this point in time we had moved to this very centrally located hotel "just off down town".

The closer you get to the Space Needle the more impressive it seems.

But it is when you get up there that you get really impressed. Here you see just about the whole Seattle Harbour and docks in one picture. The direction we are looking is south west. The big ship closest to us can also be seen at one of the pictures in the street car series.

This is the opposite direction compared to the previous picture (we are looking north east here). The water is Lake Union. The Sleepless in Seattle house is on this lake, on this side of the left arm of the lake if you understand what I am trying to say...

Here you see the down town area or "City". The direction is right south and the harbour is to the right. You also see the monorail track from the exibition area to down town and in the distance to the right you will also spot the curved roof halves of the sports stadium.

Two rounds of the revolving restaurant was exactly suitable for a good meal of fish and what naturally goes with it. In the meantime it was getting dark outside.

It does look impressive in the dark as well.

May 2009