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Vancouver Island - Cathedral Grove

On Sunday 25th May Ole and Tulla took us to the Cathedral Grove, a forest of old and giant trees, taller than any other place on the island. The grove is obviously a shielded place as most other trees around were more like "normal Norwegian size".


This picture is from the drive to get there. A landscape not unlike parts of for example Telemark in Norway.

At the starting point of a prepared walkpath. Ole with his bad foot had to stay behind as Tulla, Gunvor and myself walked into the forest.

The walkpath was well prepared with bridges over wet areas.

One could imagine we were walking into a fairytale world.

You get small in an environment like this.

Just to illustrate the dimensions.

There were information boards with interesting information about the forest and about some individual trees as well.


Feeling like an ant.

Would you like to move in, Gunvor?

Due to a storm where many trees were blown over just some weeks earlier we understood, parts of the forest was closed. More trees were expected to fall over as they were for the moment just leaning towards each other.

After a very interesting and exciting visit we drove back towards Qualicum Beach.

May 2009