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17th of May 2003 Family in the US Rented car Visiting Tulla and Ole In the forest

Visiting USA and Canada in May 2003

In May 2003 Gunvor and I visited the United States and Canada. The tour went first to Minnesota and Wisconsin, then to Washington state and Vancouver Island, BC (Canada). We had a very nice vacation visiting family and experiencing these "partly Norwegian" parts of the North American Continent.

Family Pictures

Here is a selection of pictures of family members, relatives and friends that we met. We have included pictures received from Jean Brookins.

>>  At Bill and Jeannie's home in Lakeville, Minnesota
>>  "Syttendemai" - the 17th of May - Norway's Constitution Day
>>  Family Gathering in Lakeville
>>  Family Gathering (Jean's pictures)
>>  Visiting Tulla and Ole in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island

Tourist Pictures

Here are the pictures I have made ready for the web so far:

>>  Travelling: The Big Jumps
>>  The car we rented in Minneapolis.
>>  Minnesota and Wisconsin - Part One,   Part Two  and   Part Three.
>>  The car we rented in Seattle.
>>  Seattle - Part One  and  Part Two.
>>  The Seattle Waterfront Streetcar.
>>  The Seattle Space Needle.
>>  Mount Rainier Round Trip - Part One,   Part Two,   Part Three  and   Part Four.
>>  Vancouver Island - Getting there,   Cathedral Grove,   Shopping.

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