Summer Tour in Europe May/June 2008

Europe by Car 2008

These pages show pictures from the tour as far as we have managed to publish them. The last part of the trip is not covered yet. There are no English text to the pictures except what you find on this page.
Part 1- Oslo-Kiel, Kiel-Köln, Köln
Part 2- Köln - Koblenz, Koblenz with the German Corner
Part 3- Koblenz railway station, the Mosel valley in misty weather.
Part 4- Germany's oldest city Trier with a Roman gate, bath and theater, other nice buildings and a large cathedral.
Part 5- Driving to Mittlach and the Villeroy&Boch factory with outlet.
Part 6- From Mittlach via Luxembourg and Belgium entering France.
Part 7- Reims with it's cathedral.
Part 8- From Reims along the upper part of the Seine through the Champagne district.
Part 9- From Dijon going south through the wine districts of Borgogne and the Rhône valley. The old cities of Orange and Aix.
Part 10- We are reaching the Mediterranean. Cavalaire and St. Tropez
Part 11- Going east along the Côte d'Azur passing St. Maxime, St. Raphaël, Cannes and Antibes on our way to St. Laurent next to Nice.
Part 12- We drove up in the mountains above Nice and visited the ancient mountain city of Saint Paul.
Part 13- The city of Nice og den neighbour town Villefrance sur-mer.
Part 14- Monaco, a small state in Europe.
Part 15- A short visit to Italy. We turned north up into the mountains and crossed the border again back into France.
Part 16- Sospel, once a mighty city in the area, now a picturesque moutain village.
Part 17- Route des Grandes Alpes with Col de Turini and Col Saint Martin.
Driving Distances:                      _
Kiel-Köln                          513 km
Köln-Koblenz                       124 km
Koblenz-Trier                      230 km
Trier-Mettlach (on country roads)   91 km
Mettlach-Luxembourg-Belgium-Reims  243 km
Reims-Dijon                        302 km
Dijon-Orange                       426 km
Orange-Cavalaire                   254 km
Cavalaire-Nice                     114 km
Nice-Vence-St.Paul-Nice            164 km
Nice-Ventimiglia-Sospel             86 km
Sospel-Barcelonnette               163 km
Barcelonnette-Zürich               640 km
Zürich-Illertissen (near Ulm)      360 km
Illertissen-Neumünster (near Kiel) 775 km
Neumünster-Kiel                     42 km
All together                      4527 km
Page last updated 25 June 2009
Some pictures from Col de la Bonette Restefond
posted the week leg 16 of Tour de France
passed here.
We hope you have enjoyed the pictures we have managed to get out this far.
Best wishes from Gunvor and Nils-Kristian

Links to some of the places where we stopped:

This is just a beginning of a linklist. I'm sure we'll find more links but not all hotels and restaurants are on the web.
L'Hotel Les Alizes, Cavalaire L'hôtel du Cheval Blanc, Barcelonette Gasthaus Schwarzer Adler, Immenstadt
Hotelchen am Teich, Neumünster Restaurant le Bel-Aqua, l'hôtel des Etrangers, Sospel